Antonio McIllwiane Collection

Antonio R. McilLwiane is a Philadelphian fine artist,who is also known as “Arm of Casso”. Hailing from the School of Creative and Performing Arts, he uses his fine art skills to produce intricate and colorful pieces that bring humans and animals to life in an urban but classic way! Using mixed medium methods, his works are created with acrylic ,micro pens,sharpies and bubble paint. Arm Of Casso’s usage of vibrant color combinations and sharp crisp lines has given his works oppurtunities to be displayed in Vibe Magazine and multiple hip hop artist sites. His art has also been seen by Swizz Beats, Lupita Yongo,Dj Jazzy Jeff,Quest Love and many other well- known art venues in Philadelphia.

Arm of Casso’s reason for creating is to bring light to his city of Philadelphia and to eventually be able to inspire people around the world. He is constantly recreating his works in order to continue to grow as an artist and be able to have a platform where his deep passion for art is shared with the world.

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